Our executive will visit the concerned site to measure the dimensions. A 2D & 3D drawing will be prepared as per the dimensions.

You can either call your assigned representative or directly mail us through our website.

We offer three completely free services for modular kitchen within first two year & one free service for wardrobe within first year of execution of site. You can share your problem either on phone call or a video call.

NOTE : The mentioned services only apply to locations in Delhi NCR. Services provided outside of Delhi NCR sites are fee-based and vary by location, hour, and day.

On Action Tesa HDHMR cabinets, we offer a 5-year warranty against termites, and on Century Architect BWP Grade ply and BOILO cabinets, we offer a 10 year warranty.

NOTE : If the EPT(electrical, plumbing and tiling) Work is not completed in accordance with our designs, the warranty will be instantly and without warning cease to exist.

Replace or repair any shutters that have edge bending tape wear and tear of any kind due to manufacturing defect.
Replace or repair any shutters that develop bubbles due to manufacturing defect.
If the shutter develops any form of cracks (due to manufacturing defect), we will replace or fix that shutter.
We provide five years warranty on branded hardware products & warranty on non branded hardware products will depend upon the T&C of the first hand manufacturer.
The billed product/items will be covered by the warranty on hardware, fittings, and accessories. As such guarantees will only be supplied directly by the relevant brands, we do not offer direct warranties on hardware, fittings, or accessories.

NOTE : We only offer Warranties* on manufacturing faults for modular kitchens and wardrobe.

On local plywood or any other type of non-branded materials, we do not offer warranties in the event of termites.
We only offer a limited time warranty on Action Tesa HDHMR Board (as provided by the brand/company).
It excludes the corrosion of metal channels, hinges, and other pieces. Household chemicals and routine water leaks may destroy these. Therefore, when utilising such goods near hardware and accessories, sufficient precautions must be followed.
It is not covered if the plywood or any other material is routinely or consistently exposed to water. It might result in termites in the kitchen, a bubble, or both.
If there is a water leakage & seepage within the building structure & continuous dampness of the surface beyond:
BWP Grade Plywood within 72 hours
Plywood of BWR Grade within 48 hours
MDF within 24 Hours
There is also a possibility that the material could be harmed, which could result in laminate bubbles and/or termites.

Natural wood materials, laminate, acrylic, PU paint, and other covering materials that fade in colour, grain, or texture as a result of sunshine or other environmental factors like too much light, moisture, or heat are not covered by the lifetime warranty.
Any damage brought on by a natural occurrence, such as an earthquake, a flood, a lightning strike, or any environmental factors.
Any alterations, changes, or uses of products that go beyond or are in conflict with the guidelines provided and are not authorized.
Any losses and damages resulting directly or indirectly from the products are not covered by the guarantee.

Important Information:
The standard life of the product does not cover normal incidental deterioration that is regarded as normal wear and tear of finishes and surfaces, such as nicks, cuts, scratches, and abrasions that come from normal us

After exhaustion of post istallment services Rs 1500 will be charged per visit.

After the process is finished, the client will be responsible for cleaning the area and removing the lamination from the shutters.

In the event that the client fails to pay the remaining balance, ITKI reserves the right to cancel all warranties and services without giving any prior notification..

After we have finished all of the work, we will send you an email with a site handover, at which point your warranties and services will begin.

After we have finished all of the work, we will send you an email with a site handover, at which point your warranties and services will begin.

NOTE : As you are aware, every person is deserving of respect, decency, and equality. regardless of who they are. regardless of where they reside. regardless of the position they hold.

If we discover that one of our senior management members is not being treated fairly or that one of their clients is threatening them in any way, we have the entire right to cancel all warranties and services and, if necessary, to halt work immediately.

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